17 November

Why 17th of November?

On the 17th of November 1939, Nazi troops stormed the Charles University in Prague, killing 9 students and sending more than 1200 students to concentration camps. All universities in Czechoslovakia got closed on the same day. These atrocities came as a response to peaceful protests against the occupation led by students.

Since 1941, this day has been commemorated and been celebrated as the International Student’s Day. A day dedicated to draw attention to the social and democratic impact of student activism and to promote the work for student’s rights and access to education.

All around the world, students keep fighting against suppression, for the basic human right of accessing education on all levels and for free, democratic and open societies. Way too often the voice of students is being threatened by the use of violence, incarceration, expulsions and persecution, yet nonetheless, this voice has not been silenced.

Free Education 17 november international students' day

What will we do this year?

This year on the 17th of November students, academics and supporters of education around the world will stand together under a shared parole:


Join us, and raise your voice against the commercialisation of education, tuition fees and cuts. We will make clear that these threats harm the quality of our education, make it less inclusive and impair our democratic participation.

Get involved by:

  • Taking a picture of yourself with the printable campaign banner and posting it on social media, with the #FundOurFuture
  • Sign up to the thunderclap, and join the thousands of voices making #FundOurFuture trend on twitter on 17th November.
  • Sign and share our petition
  • Involve your friends!