How to get involved

1.Check successful campaign examples to get ideas on how to organize a range of actions locally.





2. Share your own experiences and examples of campaigning using #fundourfuture. This will help other unions and movements in their campaigning efforts. join #fundourfuture





3. Spread the word! Support #fundourfuture through social media. Talk to your friends about it.



4. Join the pledge and contact supporting organisations and activists to talk, cooperate or share experiences. Feel free to contact us using anytime you need support.

Access to education is a right and must be funded so that no student is shut out. I pledge to spread the word, and support the global student struggle to #FundOurFuture. Join #fundourfuture


5. Let’s see how many of us we are on #17November. Share your stories, blogs, pictures, videos or support staments using #17november and #fundourfuture


Finally, let’s keep in touch and use these resources for future campaigns. Join #fundourfuture