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On this page you can find information about the campaigns taking part around the world under the banner #FundOurFuture. Check out our blog posts to find out what action student activists are taking to #FundOurFuture.

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  • Denmark #BevarSU
  • Ireland: @THEUSI #EducationIS
  • South Africa: #FeesMustFall


  • Canada: @CFSFCEE #AllOutNov2
  • Latvia #studentulieta
  • UK: @NUSUK #Nov19
  • Iceland
15’000 students are United for education on the streets of London Sin categoría

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-17-57-53 screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-17-58-18


Around 15’000 students took to the streets of London on Saturday 19th November for NUS UK and UCU (University and college union) ‘s national demo- united for education.

The demonstration took place against a backdrop of devastating cuts to college funding, a governmental higher education bill-which proposes the introduction of further tools of marketisation and the lifting of the cap on tuition fees, cuts to services and targeted financial support, and in the context of a post-Brexit Britain with rising levels of xenophobia and racism.

Students, parents and academics came together to voice their anger at an education system they believe is too unaffordable and too unaccessible, and to express solidarity on issues of societal justice in the face of a society they fear is increasingly divided.

On International Students’ Day, students from all continents pledged to #FundOurFuture Sin categoría

fundourfuture supporters map

This year, as part of the #fundourfuture initiative, the European Students’ Union focused on the global dimension of financing higher education and the struggles students face worldwide in relation to education budget cuts.

 Supporting organisations include student unions and federations from Canada, Europe, Zimbabwe, Burma, India, Russia, Australia and All Africa (AASU). In addition, through the #fundourfuture pledge, support was shown by individuals from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Israel and Jordan. For the full list of supporters, please consult the Supporters List and Supporting Organisations.

Through social media, the hashtag #fundourfuture reached over 1 million impressions and over 8k exposure per hour.


Students in Denmark protest against grant cuts Sin categoría

On October 13th, in Copenhagen, more than 40.000 students made their voices heard, demanding a better future for them and the generations to come, after the government had unjustifiably cut student grants and proposed easier access to loans, as a way of funding their higher studies.

Therefore, young people all over the country protested against this unfair measure, demanding their rights to be respected and their access to education to be facilitated, viewing the cutbacks as a political choice and not a need.

This was the first national demonstration under the #FundOurFuture campaign and just the beginning of a global student movement that would hopefully be the change factor that the world of higher education needs.

“Universities at risk” – Icelandic students speak out against underfunding of their universities Sin categoría

Universities at risk

Icelandic Students’ Union (LÍS) started an article campaign in cooperation with its member organizations as a part of the #FundOurFuture campaign. The goal was to point out that the Icelandic universities are underfunded and to put pressure on our government to increase funding to higher education in Iceland. This article was the first out of 7 articles and they were published in the country’s most read news media.

Education is the foundation of Icelandic society. It is the foundation of every society, in the sense that society cannot progress without education. Higher education is our tool to ensure social development and further equality, f.ex. through research and dissemination of knowledge.

Despite the important role universities play in society, government expenditure on higher education has been too low for a long while. In fact, it has already reached its limits so that the universities cannot operate in their current form any more. To put these tight financial strains into perspective we can compare the funding of Icelandic universities to the funding of universities in other Nordic countries, as the university system in Iceland is funded in a manner similar to those used by their Nordic counterparts. As demonstrated in the table below, financial contribution to Icelandic universities per student is only about half of the contribution made for each student at universities in the Nordic countries. Furthermore, external audits of local universities have demonstrated that the universities have been underfunded since before the financial crash. The situation was therefore very serious even before the added cuts due to the increase in the number of students after the crash in 2008. (more…)

Take action on International Students’ Day Sin categoría

Why 17th of November?

On the 17th of November 1939, Nazi troops stormed the Charles University in Prague, killing 9 students and sending more than 1200 students to concentration camps. All universities in Czechoslovakia got closed on the same day. These atrocities came as a response to peaceful protests against the occupation, led by students.

The day was first marked in London in 1941, organised by the International Student Council, an organisation with as many refugee students as members. ISC developed into the international Union of Students, an organisation representing students globally. Students saw the importance of building bridges and cooperating across borders in the wake of the horrible happenings of the early 1940s and late 1930s. Looking to reshape a world torn apart by conflicts amongst nations, students realised the important role of education and research, both being global in nature and possible arenas for exchange, cooperation, and dialogue.

University students across UK to protest on November 19th Sin categoría
nuuk 19 Nov demo

On the 19th of November, thousands of students from across the UK will be marching together with NUS UK in London under the banner ‘United for Education’. A generation seeing its educational opportunities stolen away or priced out of reach will make its voice heard, calling for free, funded and accessible education at every level, and for an education system that is open and international, despite the harshest opposition to this vision we have ever faced before.


Irish students call for investments in higher education #EducationIs Sin categoría

On Wednesday October 19th 12,500 people joined the Union of Students in Ireland’s #EducationIs demonstration in Dublin to call on the government to invest in higher education as a public good.


Speakers at the event included a student parent, a second-level student leader, members of institutional staff, and the USI President Annie Hoey. Powerful speeches were well received by a captive crowd of students, staff, and members of the public alike.

43000 students in the streets of Denmark against student grants cutbacks Sin categoría

Yesterday, 13th of October, 43.000 students demonstrated in the four major cities of Denmark against Government announced cutbacks in student grants.

The Danish Government expressed in fact their intentions to impose a significant cutback in the current student grant system in order to promote a more loan-based one.

This decision comes only a year after the same Government decided to reduce the education budget by the equivalent of more than a billion euros.


#FeesMustFall South Africa Sin categoría


Since September 2016, university students in South Africa are protesting on campuses across South Africa for free, decommodified and decolonised education.

The #FeesMustFall protests are a reaction to a government announcement that universities can increase fees by up to eight per cent next year.

The student movement has no central leadership, but is working with individual activists on the ground.

For further information and live updates please consult our Social Media Feed and follow #FeesMustFall #FundOurFuture.


Students unite in a global pledge to #FundOurFuture Sin categoría

fundourfuture_logo Press Release, 12 October 2016

Today, a new initiative for student activists has been launched with the aim of creating a global campaigning platform around the struggle to provide free, accessible education for all.  Free campaign materials and resources for activists are available on the new website

During the upcoming weeks, focused around the International Students’ Day on 17th November,  protests, demonstrations, and other actions will take place locally as part of a global education funding campaign- #FundOurFuture.