About #FundOurFuture

#FundOurFuture is an initiative aimed at supporting student unions across the world in their campaigning efforts for a free and quality education system. The aim is to provide resources, examples of successful campaigns, publications, downloadable materials etc that can be used by student activists in their national or local struggles.

This initiative is the result of a coming together of student movements from Europe, South America, Africa, North America and the Pacific, facilitated by the European Students’ Union, as a follow-up to the Bergen Declaration, signed in May 2016. It is a movement aiming to unite and provide strength to national student campaigns, because we are the global student movement.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at contact@globalstudentvoice.org

About #fundourfuture free quality education

The struggles of students are shared, our experiences and our fights are common. A global approach to our collective action offers us a chance to unite under a shared goal. With extended solidarity across borders we can take part in the fight for a better future held by students everywhere. The initiative is global, but the actions will be on a local, national, and international level.

During the upcoming months, protests, demonstrations, and other actions will take place locally as part of a global education funding initiative – ‘Fund our future’.

Like every year, on 17th November, the international students’ day, like-minded organisation will support and engage with students’ worldwide to raise awareness on student struggles.

We encourage national unions of students and student movements from all corners of the world to take part in actions against nationally proposed changes to education funding, fighting the increases or introduction of tuition fees, and taking a stand against the increasing commodification and privatisation of our education systems.

The #fundourfuture movement is calling for:


A free, liberated and decolonised education system:

  • Free and emancipatory education is a human right. Education should focus on both advancing the individual and also society, by offering prospects for social and economic development, democratic empowerment, and advancement of the general well-being of society.
  • Education should be a public good serving the public interest.
  • Academic freedom and choice should be present in our education systems at all times.
  • The lessons taught in the classroom should be reflective of the lived experiences of those who study them- with a curriculum that is decolonised and fully liberated.

Access for all:

  • Higher education must be open to all under conditions of equality of opportunity, regardless of background or country of origin.
  • Access must be free – not only economically but also free of other barriers that might limit access.
  • Access should not be considered only as admission to higher education, but more holistic as the mean, structures and mechanisms by which student are supported to achieve and succeed during their studies.

Democratic, student led institutions :

  • Education institutions should be democratically structured, with direct participation of all stakeholders.
  • Education institutions should provide accessibility of departments/ degrees, including to research facilities and facilities in general needed to thrive for the student, teacher or other stakeholders.
  • Quality of education should be one of the priorities of the institutions.

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